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Concrete Slab - Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

Oct 26

Concrete Slab - Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

A concrete slab is an important component of any construction job, and it is essential to get it right. A slab that is not of good quality can cause structural problems.

Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors can help you with concrete slabs. We have years of expertise in the field and our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality service. To ensure a long-lasting product We only make use of premium materials. Keep reading to learn more about concrete slab services.



What is concrete slabs?


Concrete slabs are a typical building element that is used as a structural component. It is a large flat horizontal concrete slab used to build a floor and roof. Concrete slabs are used for building the ground floor of some residential structures. Concrete slabs can be laid directly on the ground or to support the foundation.



Our Concrete Slab Installation Process

Step 1 - Onsite Preparation

We follow the same procedure regardless of whether we're working on a small slab or huge project. Each project starts by preparing the site. To start fresh, we clean up and eliminate any waste. As part of the preparation we ensure that all materials are on site. We schedule delivery of items prior to actual work. This enables us to start and complete the work on time.


Step 2: Build Concrete Forms Reinforce Concrete Slabs with Stahl

After the area has been cleared and cleared, we'll proceed to the installation of concrete forms that are made of wire mesh. Concrete forms are solid barriers that hold the concrete mixture in the right place. Concrete mixes are forced to adopt a particular shape or design. For larger structures, we use the rebar method to reinforce concrete. This makes concrete stronger surfaces.


Step 3: Mixing Concrete Mix

Concrete trucks make the process easier. It assists in ensuring concrete materials are properly mixed. Sometimes, we do manual mixing. However, concrete mixers are needed in order to complete projects.


Step 4: Pouring Concrete

After mixing the concrete and forming the slab, the concrete is poured into the forms. It is important to do this carefully so that there aren't too many air pockets when pouring concrete. The presence of air pockets results from lack of mortar to fill the spaces surrounding the aggregate. Concrete is created by spreading the mix evenly throughout the shape.


Step 5 Level and Smooth The Concrete Slab

We use a steel trowel to level concrete until it reaches a flat surface. To smoothen the surface, we employ a bull flotation. When doing so we make sure to ensure that the leading edge is slightly elevated by raising or lowering the handle. If the float's angle is too steep, we will push wet concrete down into lower regions. Three to four passes are needed to allow the bull float be able to pass. But, it is crucial to know that water and cement that build up into the surface may make the surface weaker when we float it too excessively. Additionally, we use a plate compressor to reinforce the surface. For concrete to not crack, it is vital that the concrete is properly compacted.


Step 6 Create control joints

Control joints are designed cracks that are present in slabs. They help to stop the formation of cracks and other damages caused through thermal contractions and thermal expansions. Control joints should be at most 1/4 of the thickness of the concrete slab in order to be effective. It should be 2 to three times the thickness concrete slab. Our team of concrete experts handles proper measurements to avoid errors in calculation.


Step 6: Cure Concrete Slab

Seven days after the installation the slab of concrete is finished and can be used for pedestrian traffic. Concrete can be used immediately after installation, however, it takes 28 days for concrete to cure completely. It is crucial that concrete is allowed to dry properly. Concrete slabs can last for several decades provided that they dry in a proper manner.

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