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Solar Panels Requirements Is Your Home An Ideal Location for a Solar System

Jul 24

It is likely that you are aware the benefits of solar power for the environment and your finances. You may be thinking about making the transition to solar power however, you are unsure whether it is possible in your home. Find out more about the requirements for solar panels and if your home is the right fit for a solar installation.

Is My House suitable to be Solar Financially?

Financial concerns are one of the main barriers for solar power. The long-term benefits of solar power can save you money on your electric bill, however beginning the process could be a little different. These are the different solar financing options you could qualify for:


A purchase of solar that is outright means you are eligible to purchase the entire system right from the beginning. You'll see immediate savings on your electricity bill and will be eligible for tax incentives and rebates.


If you have good or fair credit, you might be eligible for a solar loan where you can purchase your panels over time. It is also possible to qualify for tax incentives, tax credits as well as other benefits.

Solar PPA

You don't need to purchase solar panels. The system is managed by your solar provider, and you pay them for electricity at a much lower cost than you pay an electricity provider. In order to be eligible for a program similar to this, you'll need good to excellent credit and an installer that offers this kind of plan.


There is no need to purchase the solar panel if you lease it. The solar panel is installed for free and the installer is charged an unassailable cost. The rate you pay is based on the estimated energy production of your solar panels.

To understand what you qualify to receive financial assistance, you'll require the tempe az solar panels installer to conduct an evaluation.

Is My House a good candidate for Solar?

There are physical requirements for your home to be eligible for solar power. These are the main requirements that a solar installer will take into consideration during an evaluation.

Roof Size

The roof must have enough space to allow solar panels to be able to fit so a large, wide-open roof usually works. You'll also want there to be a place that doesn't have vents or chimneys that could hinder sunlight. However, if you're not sure you have enough room on your roof, you may be shocked. It's sometimes possible to fit smaller, more efficient solar panels in smaller areas. Vent relocation is also done to free up space on your roof to allow solar power generation. Advosy Energy licensed engineers can evaluate your house to determine if this is necessary.

Roof Pitch

Roof pitch refers to the roof's angle. This can impact the possibility of being able to put solar panels to your roof. The majority of standard roofs in the US are between 30 and 45 degrees, which is also the optimal angle for solar panels. Most likely, your roof's pitch is eligible. A roof that is steep can reduce power production, however it can be compensated by installing more solar panels. In general, steeper roofs produce relatively more power during winter and less power in summer. Vice versa for lower pitched roofs!

Roof Obstructions

To produce electricity, you need the maximum amount of sunlight getting to your roof. Chimneysand vents, pipes, even trees can obstruct sunlight and decrease the efficiency of. You can remove some obstructions if you believe they are cause major issues. However, it's possible to have some shade during the day.

Direction of the Roof

A south facing roof is perfect for solar panels as it receives the most direct sunlight. You can still get solar panels if you have either an east or west-facing roof. Roofs facing east and west can get enough sunlight in certain regions, or you could consider installing additional solar panels to increase the energy output of your home.

Roof Materials

You can install solar panels on virtually any roof. But if you have slate or wood roof it could be more fragile and cause installation a little more challenging. However, it is possible to install solar panels, however you might need to locate an installer that has the appropriate equipment to make sure your system is installed properly and doesn't damage your roof. Tempe solar is an expert in all types of roofing for commercial and residential solar panels and can provide you with the best mounting solution for your roof.

Electrical Wiring

An electrically sound wiring system is crucial since solar panels can be utilized to produce electricity. Surveyors are typically required to verify that you have the correct clearances and that there are no damaged wires in your electrical panel, roof, and attic. Usually if something's wrong you can fix it and be good to go for solar. The site survey team of 8MSolar is also available for free!


The area you reside in can have a significant influence on the solar power you generate. There will be less electricity produced in areas that receive less sun. More overcast climates can be less efficient. Even in a cloudy climate solar power can still be utilized to your advantage. You may even qualify. Although rates for energy can differ across cities, certain cloudy areas have high rates of solar energy. Arizona however is the best place for solar power, and has ample amounts of sunshine with minimal cloud cover.


The area where you live might have local rules regarding solar power, which could affect your eligibility for solar. A homeowner's association (HOA) is something you should be aware of. HOAs are sometimes able to regulate the installation of solar panels. The solar installer you choose to collaborate together with your HOA to get the installation done. 8MSolar can help you navigate your local regulations and requirements.

Achieving a Solar Assessment

Ultimately, the only way to find out if you qualify for solar and to determine if you are eligible for solar panels is to obtain an assessment for solar by a solar service provider that is licensed. The surveyor will be in a position to determine the number of panels you'll need and the best location they might be put in. They'll also be able to assist you in negotiating with an HOA to determine the price, and identify any potential upgrades needed.

Professional Solar Company is Here to assist you.

If you're looking to have a solar assessment, Advosy Energy is here to help. It's easy to schedule a complimentary virtual inspection today to start. We'll guide you through every stage for the inspection installation, as well as other. The experts in solar panel installation within my area are well-versed in your locale and will help you decide the best method to do solar energy work for your home.

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