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All you Need to Know about Roof Styles

Jan 10

Basic Roof Styles

There are 4 main styles of roof. There's a flat roof, which is self-explanatory. They're not completely level and would not allow for runoff. They're more affordable to install and keep up by Pittsburgh contractors and are easy to install.

Skillion Roof

A skillion roof is one that is set on top of the building at an angle and has one wall higher than the other.

Gabled Roof

A gabled or gable roofing system is the one that covers the roof. It appears to be an upside-down V, where the roof does not meet the wall. That upside-down V that is at the bottom is the Gable. A simple gable roof features only one central ridge.

Hipped Roof

A roof that connects all walls horizontally is a hipped roof or hip roof. The typical hipped roofing is built with one central ridge. However, instead of being vertically angled like the triangle of the gable it features two ridges known as hips.

Cross Gabled and Cross Hipped

Many houses aren't simply rectangular or square. An L form or T shape house can have two gable roofs that meet with an inside valley angle. This is referred to as a cross gabled roof.

Hipped roofs are the same. The L or T shape could be covered by an hipped cross.

Mix and match

Roofs are usually a combination of these two basic styles - you might have a gabled or gable roof in a right angle with an Hipped roof. Sometimes for decorative purposes the hipped roof as well as the gable roof are combined on the same plane in a style known as Dutch gable.

Other Styles

These basic forms can be combined with other styles. An A-frame is for example, a gable that is exaggerated of Gable. Another variation of gable is the gambrel roof, a barn roof with the top of the roof gently sloped followed by an incline that is steep. Mansard roofs have the same gentle and steep pitches but is hipped , not gabled.

There could be practical reasons for certain styles. A gambrel roof gives you more room for a second storey and can shed snow better than a more gently sloped roof.

Gabled roofs tend to be less costly to construct than hipped roofing, however hipped roofs are more resistant to the force of high winds. But , ultimately, it mostly comes down to taste. Siding Pittsburgh Contractors have also stated that all roofing styles are effective in keeping rain out and won’t blow off if properly secured. It's the design of the roof that matters.

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